Jensen Bell is an international artist based in East Hollywood (Los Feliz) California. He is associated with artists like Neener Harland, Tony Gilkyson, Maria McKee, X,  The Ninety-One Rails (The Rails), The Replacements, The Muffs, The Eels, Abby Travis, Chris Cacavas, Autolux,  Jeff Buckley, Lysa Flores, Sleepy, The Cavedogs, The Spice Girls, Marshall Crenshaw, and of course, Amanda Bynes. Jensen’s music sells worldwide, has been used in film and TV and Jensen is also a sought after studio musician, producer and teacher.

In 2005, Jensen released “Modern Dating Tips.” here is a review from England:

Jensen Bell’s long-delayed debut ‘Modern Dating Tips’ finally reveals him to be a major pop talent that anyone who has previously given house room to the likes of Jason Falkner, Matthew Sweet or Brendan Benson should immediately make space in their collection for.

A sideman of repute and former member of several bands whose recorded output never saw the light of day is at last setting out his own stall with ‘Modern Dating Tips’, with a number of other projects, both current and retrospective also in the pipeline, he’s definitely going to be a name to watch.

As with the very best of their craft, the most interesting pop musicians are capable of assimilating their influences rather than slavishly imitating them, discernibly imprinting their own stamp on their material. Too few are genuinely capable of that, Jensen Bell though assuredly makes the grade with ‘Modern Dating Tips’, an album that I suspect will be in strong contention in many end of year lists. Powerful, melodic, lyrically astute, cleverly arranged and well produced; the album pushes all the right buttons for pop aficionados.

Bell incorporates his influences with guile, invention and occasionally even a little mischievousness, from The Left Banke on “Askin’ You Out” which references their “Pretty Ballerina” – once covered incidentally by the aforementioned Jason Falkner, who’s also never quite got the breaks his talent deserved – to Badfinger, Bell’s “Up & Out” uncannily reminiscent of Pete Ham’s ill-fated pop classicists at their best.

Bell also has a little fun with his listeners, almost lifting Rainbow’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” riff wholesale for the introduction to “Beauty Secrets”. Elsewhere, further demonstrating his diversity and melodic talents, Bell reels off the life-affirmingly buoyant “Her City’s Got A Train”, so joyous even the most misanthropic couldn’t fail to be moved to smile and leap around uncontrollably, duets with The Muffs’ Kim Shattuck on the delicious bubblegum punk of “Happy Chocolate” before closing the album with the more complex orchestrated chamber pop of “Love Stained Eyes”.

‘Modern Dating Tips’ is a splendid album that’s been well worth the wait and I suspect that there’s plenty more where this came from too. Here’s a modern purchasing tip for you – buy this record!

(reviewer: Geraint Jones / Comes With A Smile Magazine)

More reviews are here where you can hear the tracks and buy music:


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