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Album Review #7

“Let’s say this up front: Jensen Bell’s album “Modern Dating Tips” is about as classic a ‘power pop’ record as we come across and, therefore, is cause for celebration in these quarters. Fans of Matthew Sweet, Big Star, the first Myracle Brah album, some Raspberries, Owsley’s first album, Fountains Of Wayne, Teenage Fanclub, will find that it’s all here in spades – and aces.” – Bruce Brodeen (Pres. NOT LAME Record Label, Colorado)


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Askin’ You Out

I’ve been thinkin’ about askin’ you out
Thinkin’ about asking you out
But I don’t know what you’ll say
And I don’t think I’m ok… anyway…

Yes, it’s true, I’ve had my doubts
When thinkin’ about askin’ you out
But I don’t know what you’ll say
And I want to be okay… anyway

I think you’re a pretty ballerina
I think you’re a thrilling thumbalina
I want a date with a pretty ballerina

I’ve been thinking about ringing your phone
But you’ll probably figure out that I’ve been alone
and maybe that’s ok
maybe that’s ok

I’ve been thinking about asking you out
© 2005 Jensen Bell / BMI