Related Artists that Jensen has collaborated with

The Rails/The Ninety-One



Tony Gilkyson

with X:

With Lone Justice:


X – (Jensen Opened these shows):

Abby Travis

“Have I Got A Deal For You” (written by Jensen)

“I Wanna Be Queen” (guitar by Jensen)

The Muffs (Jensen Consulted on Guitar)

My favorite Muffs Song:

Farflung “Lupine” (Jensen on Guitar)

Chris Cacavas

“Pale Blonde Hell” (Jensen on Bass, backing vocals and some arrangements)

Lysa Flores – Beg Borrow and Steal (Star Maps Soundtrack)

(coming soon)

Sleepy – “I could see the moon” Album.  (Jensen Produces)

(coming soon)

Neener Harland

(coming soon)

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