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“You Tear Me Up” More Jensen Bell History Found on YouTube

Before “The Rails” there was “Riding Rails”… DECO Records put out 18 tracks with almost no money. So we had to set up in a garage with a cassette 4 track and some Radio Shack Microphones.  We handed them a “master” that was put on a limited edition vinyl compilation record called, “Composite Drawing” – (track no. 5) –  This song was my attempt to mix “Wild Thing” with Eddie Chochran and Charlie Feathers Style Lyrics. We were very aggressive and funny without trying. Looking back, this was just teen rock n roll.  We couldn’t help it.  Hormones make you rock.

Title: “You Tear Me Up”
Here’s my story and it’s sad, but true
It all started when I met you
You asked me nice so I gave you my heart
You dug your claws in and you tore it all apart

You Tear Me Up

Went to the head-shrinker to check on my brain
He said, “you’re fine son, it’s your girlfriend who’s insane”
All my friends are questioning my mental health
Seems I keep forgetting to defend myself

You Tear Me Up

You treat me mean baby, you do me wrong
Can’t find Superman, can’t reach the Pentagon
Someday baby if I ever see the light
You’ll be in for a hell of a fight!

You Tear Me Up

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

[ All the way from my head to my toe – By now girl you think I would know.
… from my head to my feet…by now baby you’d think I’d have this thing beat]

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeahhhhh

Jensen Bell – Guitar, Vocals

Chris Nakata- (Ruth Ruth) – Drums Backing Vocals “The Headshrinker”

Rosy Harris – (Weatherbell) – Bass, Backing Vocals


(c) Jensen Bell (written by and recorded by)

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